Things I paid and did not pay for. Economía popular.

Participatory sound performance, 7-channel sound experience, passive car speakers, tactile audio transducers, various objects, vendor's tray, duration: 10 minutes.

Participatory sound performance based on the audio recordings made on public buses in Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

This year I spent there a month in the residency for sound artists, musicians and composers 'Artefacto Sonoro'. During this period I made recordings on buses going to the North of Quito, capturing not only the voices of commuters, roaring of bus engine, but also sonic appearances of numerous bus vendors. These vendors are part of 'economía popular' when people excluded from labor market have to create their own work. Their working place is a bus aisle where they sell drinks, dried potatoes, bananas or small chocolates to the commuters. They step in and out. The voice is their tool. Some of them could have been singers. All oft them are performers not by calling but by as a result of economic exclusion. 


This sound performance will use the distribution model borrowed from bus vendors when material (in this case audio speakers) is handed directly to members of the public or left laying on their laps by the performer who is walking between their seats with a tray full of speakers and tactile sound-objects. Each speaker / object will let one person experience a part of a multi-channel composition.

Documentation from sound event COM(E)PULSIVE at La Zenne, Brussels, BE.  Photography by  and Alina Ozerova