The ear is a muscle II

Participatory sound installation, Rotterdam, 2020

2 channel sound, audio transducers on inflatable object and plastic, proximity and inclination sensors, gym mats, suspended fitness ball, balance board, suspended ring, acoustic foam, yellow thread, black towel, construction helmet, sport weights.

Adaptation of the work 'The Ear is a Muscle' for the exhibition 'Prospects & Concepts' by Mondriaan Fonds during Art Rotterdam 2020. 

Documentation photos by Veronika Babayan, Dinie Besems, Wenda Stoffel, Alina Ozerova

There are very few situations in everyday life when non-verticality is allowed or embedded: sleep/nap, sexual/intimate activity, sports, or physical training. Most of them are reserved for private spaces. While in public we are mainly controlled by keeping ourselves in vertical mode. In my practice, I want to question that type of vertical that freezes and alienates listener from sound-maker or performer. Alternatively, I suggests non-vertical modes in which sonic and visual stimulation can take over not only our ears and eyes but also limbs, joints, bones, and body cavities.


 In this participatory installation, I will take a role of a 'sonic-trainer' and guide individually every visitor through the listening exercises. This work is a part of the 'Non-vertical listening' series by Alina Ozerova


Exercises: (1) peanut ball

Exercises: (2) balance board

Exercises: (3) suspended ring and helmet