sonó/curso III

Participatory sound installation, 2019

4-channel sound, tactile transducers, gymnastics rings, painted, wood, suspension ropes, Duration: 15 minutes in a loop

The adaptation of sonó/curso, was presented at 'Musical Utopias' music and art festival in Korzo Theater, The Hague (NL). Sound art exhibition curated by Modern Body Festival. 


This participatory audio installation is an invitation to become physical with sound, to explore it in a series of exercises. Three plywood objects form a set-up for non-vertical listening similar to a playground. In a playful way the artist offers to the audience sonic experiences recorded on public buses in Quito (Ecuador). 


This project is a part of 'Non-vertical listening' series which questions a type of verticality that freezes and alienates listener from sound-maker or performer. Alternatively I suggests non-vertical modes in which sonic and visual stimulation can take over not only our ears and eyes, but also limbs, bones and body cavities.