double F for Final Fantasy

8mm transfer to video, 07:03, color, sound, 2015

sourcing from 90 minutes of back & white and color family archive footage, narration is based on tourism posters adaptation

'Double F for Final Fantasy' is a documentary essay film re-interpreting a private touristic voyage to the outer folds of the Iron Curtain in 1980. The 8mm camera brought along was documenting streets, mountains and lakes, and an incredible amount of Soviet monuments - traces of the Red Army marching earlier through these territories. This trip took my family to Hungary and former Czechoslovakia. Earlier, the local uprisings were suppressed there by the Soviet Union in 1956 and 1968. And the same countries hosted monuments to the Unknown Soldier Hero as a reference to WWII and Soviet military power.

35 years after that trip I looked at blurry images of my family vacation captured on celluloid. I questioned Soviet touristic practices, ideological obligations, and the happiness of its participants. The voice-over seems personal, like reading out from the faded pages of a diary. However, the narration is based on an adaptation of touristic posters. By highlighting the unreflected episodes of the past the film is also pointing at ‘here and now’ and the new military ambitions of contemporary Russia, inflated by taking over Crimea and instigating a military conflict in South-Eastern Ukraine in 2014.

Double F for Final Fantasy was screened at Nederlands Film Festival in 2015, as a part of the short documentary films program: